Immediate Benefits

MyWorkDoc provides the most effective, user-friendly way to address these issues.

We streamline Occupational Incident Reporting. As soon as the employee asks to see a provider, the company HSE Staff will receive an alert that one of their employees has requested medical attention.

  • We record the employee visit with the provider.
  • We provide multi-party video conferencing with the employee and provider (given employee consent).
  • This prompt medical attention by experienced nurses and physicians averts unneeded trips to the emergency room which lower the company‚Äôs TRIR and Dart Rate.
  • We ensure that your employee receives the care he/she needs, when he/she needs it, increasing the chances of their safe return to work.

MyWorkDoc Solution for Your Company


Employees who work alone or at small worksites, often in remote locations, have limited access to immediate medical assistance in case of injury.

Minor injuries such as strains, sprains and cuts are often referred for more expensive off-site care and can lead to unnecessary lost time and recordable claims. Many of these injuries would respond favorably to appropriate on-site first aid.

Off-site clinics and hospitals are often hostile to workplace injuries. They may be unfamiliar with workplace first aid options that include modified duty and return-to-work programs.

Many employers struggle with tracking or even being notified in a timely manner when injuries occur during late hours, weekends and holidays. This is especially true with mobile sites and multiple shifts.


MyWorkDoc provides the most effective, user-friendly way to address these issues.

Workers and employers have immediate visual and verbal access to medical professionals 24/7/365. This brings:

  • Strong clinical protocols, focusing on treatment, onto the jobsite at the time of the injury
  • Timely reporting of injuries to all designated persons and usage of customizable reporting incident forms to meet your company needs
  • HIPPA-compliant access to all injury reports, treatment plans and case management notes
  • Complete case management services that ensure follow through from time of the first report and treatment to completion

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