Mission Statement

MyWorkDoc is dedicated to providing employers with a comprehensive, around-the-clock solution to their occupational injury and wellness needs. Our goal, using the latest technology available, is to provide better, more timely, cost-effective care to those injured on the job.

Our service builds a relationship of mutual respect between the employers and their employees, helping to reduce turnover as well as lost-time injuries. In addition, we strive to deliver a balance of quality care and fair price.

What Is MyWorkDoc?

MyWorkDoc, is a service company founded by experienced medical and industrial professionals. The goal is to provide immediate audio and visual computer or telephone triage for employees injured in the field or at the facility.

With our service, you and your injured employee will have access to medical professionals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, using state-of-the-art, HIPPA-compliant audio, visual conferencing by computer or smartphone.

Simply download our app to your phone and you will be connected in seconds to a medical professional who will begin the triage process. Our professionals make sound clinical decisions from experience about when first aid is appropriate, or if referrals are necessary.

Our staff also understands the importance to the employer of using protocols that minimize lost time and recordable injuries. Therefore they strive for consistent treatment decisions and prompt reporting of injuries to all designated recipients. Consolidated reporting of all injuries via a secure website ensures both the employer and the employee receive the best possible service.

Minimize Lost Time and Recordable Injuries.

MyWorkDoc provides the most effective, user-friendly way to address these issues.

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